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Green Team



“The Office of Residence Life & University Housing’s Green Team is an organization whose main purpose is to transform the mindset of our residents through participation, which will increase the amount of recycled goods collected in the residence halls. Second, we wish to promote eco-awareness, and the Green Initiatives throughout the Howard University student body through education. Our ultimate goal is to offer every University student the opportunity to reduce his/her carbon footprint.”


The Howard University Residence Life & University Housing’s Green Team, otherwise known as the “ResLife Green Team” or “HU Green Team” is a student organization founded in the 2006-2007 academic year. It has since been a reputable society of Howard University students taking charge in advocating healthy practices and environmentally conscious decisions. The organization has an obligation to operate throughout the Residence Halls of the campus by offering recycling options in each residence space and floor of every hall (which includes paper, plastic, aluminum, and cardboard receptacles). 



The Green Team Responsibilities/ Bylaws:


  • To promote the Howard University’s Green Initiative: Residence Halls have been tasked with the responsibility of guiding the Howard student body to establish more environmentally conscious habits and mindsets.
  • Everyone residing within a residence hall is by default, a member of the Residence Life Green Team and is responsible for recycling all approved items into proper recycle bins. Therefore, the night prior to the scheduled recycle pick up a resident must take the recyclables on their floor to the hall’s main recycle bin for pick up in the morning. The start of the rotations will be based on the lowest room number on the floor, and rotations will continue until the end of the terms. At the beginning of each term the Coordinator will announce the start date. 
  • Members may be eligible to receive t-shirts, RSVP points, letters for community service and much more if they are considered an ACTIVE member of the Green Team.
  • Each residence hall will have at least 2 to 3 (depending on hall size) active Green Team Floor Managers residing within the hall at all times working in conjunction with active Coordinator(s.)
  • It is the Coordinators’ duty to work with Floor Mangers to ensure that floor bins are not misused, remain clean, and that assigned rooms have completed the task on their select day.
  • The Managing Director, Graduate Assistants, and Housekeeping Supervisors will monitor the activity of Green Team leaders.


To be considered an ACTIVE member:

Green Team Coordinator Responsibilities

  • Attend meetings ON TIME (General Body Meeting and One dorm meeting)
  • Attend Coordinator Meetings & RescycleMania Meetings
  • Select Green Team Managers
  • Create and submit the recycling collection process within the hall
  • Keep track of upcoming events on the Green Team Calendar
  • Ensure that every resident included on the recycling process has collected the floor recyclables on his/her respective day (working with team manager(s))
  • Advocate residents joining the Green Team and taking the Green Team Pledge (event) as well as participating in Green Team events
  • Preside over AT LEAST 1 Green Team event/program held in the hall each semester


Green Team Manager(s) Responsibilities

  • Take Green Bison Pledge
  • Assist with and report to Green Team Coordinator with any events, records, and correspondence not received 
  • Attend dorm meetings regularly as  scheduled & requested by Green Team Coordinator
  • Remain up to speed with upcoming events posted on the Green Team Calendar
  • Post and flip flyers every three weeks
  • Ensure that every resident included in the recycling process has collected the floor recyclables on his/her respective day
  • Promote being on the Green Team and encourage fellow Bison to take the Green Team Pledge


Green Team Members Responsibilities

  • Take Green Bison Pledge and encourage others to do so as well.
  • To receive RSVP points attend Green Team Meetings and assigned Events
  • To be informed on why recycling is important (video & questionnaire)
  • To aid in ensuring that the functioning of the recycling program in one’s residence hall runs smoothly. May include bringing the recyclables from ones’ floor/section to the main recycle bin.
  • (New) off-campus students may also apply to be a Green Team member so long as they are shown to understand the recycling protocol in their place of residency and encourage others who live with them to recycle.



Hours of Operations
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