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Current Students FAQ

Welcome to Residence Life's home for current residents.

There are many experiences in life that mold each student to grow. But it is your campus residential experience that opens your eyes to new insights and thoughts to embolden positive character traits.

By joining the vital residence life community at Howard University, you will have many opportunities for involvement in student life and will develop lasting friendships.

The code of student conduct, rules and regulations for residence hall living are designed to foster an atmosphere for a dynamic living experience and a suitable learning environment.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions or if we can be of assistance throughout your campus life.

Do you have information about housing policies and procedures for students and parents?

Many students have never lived away from home or shared a room before coming to the University and are anxious, about what the experience will be like. Adjusting to residential life means establishing new ground rules, negotiating different standards of sharing and fairness, and learning to respect others' priorities and opinions. Thus, we have a support network available to help you through the transition; one of these resources is your Resident Assistant (RA), who serves as a peer counselor and resource person, she/he will be available to you and your roommate(s) as you negotiate differences and learn how to live together.

It is important that you think about your priorities and how you might accommodate your needs and those of your roommate(s) in a new environment. We have developed policies and procedures to assist with the transitions into living in a community of learners in the Residence Hall Handbook which can be found at:

How do I become a Resident Assistant?

Students interested in becoming Resident Assistant (R.A.) should express interest to their current resident assistant and Resident Hall Manager who will then explain the process for applying as well as the expectations of the job.

R.A. applications are made available, early February each year on the Residence Life web-site.

What is the cost of each room type in the residence halls?

What is the Room Selection and Verification plan (RSVP)?

The Room Selection and Verification Plan (RSVP) is a system designed to provide eligible students with an opportunity to request their preferred space in one of the University Residence Halls.

All undergraduate students seeking accommodation for the upcoming academic year must participate in RSVP and follow all of the procedures as outlined in the RSVP package, which can be found online at the Office of Residence Life website during the fall semester.

A $200 housing deposit is required to be eligible to participate. (The housing deposit fee is subject to change.) 

How can I receive summer housing?

All Students interested in summer housing must apply on-line. Students eligible for summer housing include those who wish to summer school, work in the local area.

You may also apply through the Summer Conference housing program. Summer Housing 2018 Packet & Application Link

Can a room switch be made after check-in?

Yes, students may contact their Resident Hall Manager for instructions regarding a Hall-to-Hall, or Room-to-Room transfers request.

Transfers are based on seniority, and the availability of the your request.

How can I cancel my housing assignment?

If you have not checked-in to the housing assignment you wish to cancel you may us this link. Housing Cancellation LinkIf you have checked-in to the housing assignment you wish to cancel you must contact your Hall Manager. 

Do students require insurance?

Most Students own approximately $3,000-$5,000 in property value. When you consider cell phones, backpacks, TV’s, computers, and stereo equipment in students rooms, the cost of replacement of these items due to theft, fire, water or accidental damage can add up quickly.

Therefore, Residence Life strongly recommends students acquire the CSI Student Personal Property Protector Plus insurance package. For further information on insurance, contact:

CSI Insurance Agency, Inc. 
104 Bombay Lane 
Roswell, GA 30076 
Telephone (888) 411-4911 
Fax (678) 832-4910 

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