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Many students have never lived away from home or shared a room before coming to the University and are anxious, about what the experience will be like.

We invite you to consider living on campus. It's more than just a room with a bed and a desk.

Howard residences offer a variety of accommodations that reflect the diversity of our student population. You'll learn from each other and together you can broaden your college experiences.

Adjusting to residential life means establishing new ground rules, negotiating different standards of sharing and fairness, and learning to respect others' priorities and opinions.

Thus, we have a support network available to help you through the transition; one of these resources is your Resident Assistant (RA), who serves as a peer counselor and resource person, she/he will be available to you and your roommate(s) as you negotiate differences and learn how to live together.

It is important that you think about your priorities and how you might accommodate your needs and those of your roommate(s) in a new environment. 

Discover why so many students have found a campus residence to be a healthy, fun and secure place to call home!

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