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Residence Hall

Harriet Tubman Quadrangle

2455 Fourth Street NW, Washington, DC 20059 Map and Directions

The Harriet Tubman Quadrangle (a.k.a. The Quad) is comprised of five halls: Baldwin, Crandall, Frazier, Truth, and Wheatley Halls.

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Room Rates

Unit Type Room Price Per Semester Room Price Per Academic Year
Baldwin Hall Standard Double $3,938.00 $7,966.00
Crandall Hall Standard Double $3,983.00 $7,966.00
Frazier Hall Standard Double $3,983.00 $7,966.00
Truth Hall Standard Double $3,983.00 $7,966.00
Wheatley Hall Standard Single $5,529.00 $11,058.00
Wheatley Hall Standard Double $3,983.00 $7,966.00

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