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Maintenance Environmental Resources

Housing offers a dedicated maintenance and general housekeeping team in each hall.  Maintenance staff is typically on-site Monday-Friday and the hours vary by hall.  

Should any Housing Emergencies occur (examples below) – you are encouraged to notify your front desk staff immediately and submit a detailed maintenance request.


General Routine Maintenance Requests

If you have a maintenance or extermination concern in your room or unit, please submit a request through the following Howard University work order portals:


Bethune Annex, Cook Hall, Drew Hall, Quad and Howard Plaza Towers Residents


College Hall North & South Residents


Please be sure to complete all of the requested fields and be as detailed as possible when submitting your ticket.


Emergency Requests

List of Emergencies

Knowing the difference between routine maintenance concerns and a maintenance emergency is critical to ensuring your requests are addressed according to priority. 

Emergency maintenance situations are those that require immediate attention from our maintenance team.  Below is a list of maintenance emergencies for your reference:

  • Fire alarm
  • Electrical sparks/smoke
  • Downed electrical line
  • Electrical outage
  • Broken steam, water or gas line
  • Toilet overflowing
  • Person trapped in elevator
  • Storm water flooding into a building
  • Sewage backing up in a building
  • Broken, gushing, or misdirected irrigation device or sprinkler head
  • Gas leak or smell of gas
  • Ice formations hanging from a roof
  • Inoperable lock where a space cannot be secured
  • Discharge of fire suppression system

Should you experience a maintenance emergency, please notify the front desk attendant assigned in your residence hall and submit a detailed maintenance request. 

If there is ever an instance of flooding or overflowing of water in your unit, please turn off the water source first (if you are able to) and then notify the front desk of your emergency.


Damage Categories

*Note: Sometimes, damages are considered to be normal wear and tear and the student may not be charged.

Normal wear and tear includes:

  • dust on the walls
  • a dirty carpet that can be cleaned with a single carpet cleaning
  • dirty desk tops that can be easily wiped down
  • may include windows with vertical blinds with some missing slats
  • closet or wardrobe doors off rollers or with loose hinges
  • Etc.

Abnormal wear and tear includes:

  • Any intentional or accidental damage to a room
  • permanent stains in carpets
  • holes in walls/doors from nails and tacks which are not allowed
  • left behind tape on walls or decals on windows
  • tears in screens
  • rips in mattresses
  • broken light fixture covers
  • significant mold and mildew in shower/bath areas for apartments or suites
  • Etc.


Common Area Damage Charges

Students may also be charged for damage to building common areas such as:

  • building lounges/lobbies
  • Kitchens
  • study rooms
  • game rooms
  • hallways
  • *Note: these are regardless of whether or not they were involved in causing the damage.



Enterprise Technology Services

IT issues, including cable and Internet.


After submitting the form, you will be contacted for scheduling, and other details concerning your request.

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