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2. Residence Hall Amenities

Each student has a telephone line, Ethernet connection, and access to cable TV.

Laundry Facilities / Card Machines

Each resident must purchase a laundry card in order to operate laundry equipment. These cards may be purchased in the Residence Halls, University Bookstore, and Armor J. Blackburn Center. Remember, students are responsible for personal items at all times.

Washers and dryers are located in the laundry room areas in each building. If a machine is not working properly, please report the problem by calling the laundry repair 800-number posted on the wall first. Next, report the broken equipment to the front desk.

Ironing of clothing should be contained in the laundry room area or other approved designations. See Residence Hall Managers for questions concerning approved ironing locations.

Cafeteria / Stores (Certain Halls)

There is a cafeteria and mini-store in Bethune Annex. The hours of operation of this food outlet may vary, and is posted in the Bethune Annex. Food operations are approved by the Office of Auxiliary Services.

Vending Machine Service

Each resident hall has a vending machine area. The machines are stocked with an assortment of food and drinks and are re-stocked weekly. The vending area is available to residents 24 hours per day. Regular U.S. currency is required.

Computer Labs (ResNet)

A ResNet computer lab is located in each resident hall. The computer lab is supervised and staffed by Enterprise Technology Services (ETS). Residents are allowed to utilize the labs during normal operating hours. There is a staff person on site to assist students with computer services concerns. The computer labs offer to students, internet access and various program applications to assist them with their academic studies. All rules and regulations governing the ResNet lab must be strictly followed.


Several of the halls have kitchenettes for residents use only. When utilizing the kitchenettes, it is the responsibility of residents to clean up after each use. Failure to keep the kitchenette area neat and clean could jeopardize its continued availability.

TV Room / Lounge

There are television rooms and lounges located in each hall. Some halls have a separate television and lounge area. These areas are utilized for various functions and therefore have hours of operation and blackout times per the discretion of the Residence Hall Manager, based on special needs of the residents and guests. Removal of furniture is strictly prohibited.


There are very few parking spaces available for residents who live in the Residence Hall. Although space is limited, students can apply for parking through the Office of Parking Enforcement located in the Mordecai Wyatt Johnson Administration building (the “A-building”). The University Parking Office can be reached at (202) 806-2000.

Should you secure a parking space on or near the campus, always be mindful of your surroundings at all times. Do not leave valuables in your car in plain view. Should your Residence Hall be surrounded by on-street parking, you may wish to apply for a residential parking zone permit by contacting the District of Columbia Department of Transportation.

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