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5. Visitation Policy

Visitation Guidelines

In order to promote and maintain a positive, supportive, living and learning environment, the Residence Hall staff will enforce limited visitation hours. Visitation hours for the Residence Halls are established by the Office of Residence Life and are intended for academic and healthy socializing. Visitation is not designed for overnight co-habitation. During certain times visitation is suspended, (i.e. Thanksgiving, final examinations, and Spring Break). All Freshman Residents residing in halls has the following visitation hours:

12 noon- 12 midnight, Sunday through Thursday and

12 noon- 2:00a.m., Friday and Saturday.

All upperclassmen residing in all residence halls will have 24-hour visitation privileges.

Visitation is not guaranteed, but a privilege that can be modified if there are any violations.

Co-Educational Visitation

Student participants in the Co-educational Visitation Program acknowledge and accept personal responsibility for acquainting themselves with University and Residence Hall Guidelines for Co-educational Visitation.

  • Introduction of unauthorized non-residents into the Residence Halls is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to individuals dismissed from the University and/or the Residence Hall. The student further agrees to strictly adhere to established University and Residence Hall policies in this regard, and understands that violation of these policies invokes judiciary action and/or immediate dismissal from the Residence Halls.
  • Students participating in co-educational visitation understand that there is no overnight visitation and that students who keep visitors in their bedroom overnight are in violation of the regulation, and the spirit of co-educational visitation. Students with roommates shall limit visitors to hours jointly agreed upon. The student understands and agrees that violation of this policy invokes judicial action and/or immediate dismissal from the Residence Halls.

Policy for 24-Hour Visitation

Howard University Upper classmen residing in all residence halls will be allowed overnight privileges for 24-hour visitation. Residents may have only (1) one overnight guest who must be a Howard University student.

Residents must have a written roommate agreement with their roommate(s) for overnight guests and must notify the Residence Hall Manager, Graduate Resident Assistant or Resident Assistant of their agreement. This written agreement must be signed by all suite mates with any guest stipulations that will be included in the agreement. If there is not a written roommate agreement on file, the room will not be allowed 24-hour visitation.

Overnight guests must be received at the front desk before MIDNIGHT, Sunday through Thursday, and must depart the residence hall by NOON the following day. However, on weekends there are no check-in time restrictions for overnight guests.

*Please note that CO-HABITATION is not allowed within the residence halls for any student. The 24-hour visitation policy does not replace this policy; no student may live or reside within a residence hall without a room assignment.

The Campus Escort is available in the event that a student must return to his or her residence hall during the following hours:

Sunday – Thursday: Midnight to 7am & Friday – Saturday: 3am to 7am

Howard University student guest(s) must check in with their HU photo ID at the front desk and must be escorted by the resident host. Both the resident and guest must retrieve their HU photo ID from the front desk prior to leaving the building. When the resident host leaves, the guest must leave too.

The Residence Halls are officially closed for the Winter Break and at the end of the Spring Semester. (Check the current University calendar for dates). Make plans to leave the building, a day or two, before these dates. Have a pleasant stay.

Extended Visitation Policy

Requests for special Extended Visitation must be submitted to the Residence Hall Manager, one week prior to the arrival of the guest. Visitation must be approved before the guest is scheduled to arrive.

To insure the safety and security of all Howard University residents and their guests, the following guidelines must be adhered to:

  • All residents must sign guests in and out of the Residence Halls.
  • Residents are limited to two (2) guests per visit.
  • Residents and guests must leave a valid picture ID card (Residents must leave a HU Capstone Card) at the time of sign in. Proper or valid identification for guests consists of the following: State Issued Driver’s License or Identification Card, Military ID, Current Student ID, or International Driver’s Licenses (used for identification purposes only).
  • The resident must meet their visitors in the lobby.
  • Guests must be escorted at all times by the host resident.
  • Residents will be held fully responsible for the conduct of their guest(s). If a resident does not feel their guest(s) can act responsibly, said individuals are not permitted to be signed in.
  • Residents and guests must be properly dressed at all times. Bathrobes, negligees, “wife beaters”, underclothes, etc. are not permitted.
  • Children are not allowed beyond the lobby area without first completing release documentation and approval of the Residence Hall Manager.
  • At the end of guest’s visit, residents must accompany their guest(s) back to the front desk to receive their ID cards. Residents are responsible for arranging transportation for their guest(s) prior to the end of visitation. Residents and their guests are allowed to stay in the building until such time that transportation arrives, although there is NO LOITERING in the building or the courtyard after visitation has ended and the guest has been signed-out.
  • No ID’s will be given to guests without the presence of the resident who signed-in the guest.
  • At no time are unaccompanied non-residents admitted into the living areas of the building without the host present.

If a resident is found in violation of any of these visitation guidelines, the resident will face official Residence Hall and Judicial Affairs actions which could lead to losing visitation privileges and/or eviction from the Residence Hall.

Non-residents or non-student violators of visitation privileges are subject to arrest on charges of trespassing by Howard University Campus Police and/or the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department.

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