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6. Student Leadership Development & Activities

Residence Hall Council

Residents are expected to follow University and Residence Hall guidelines and to govern themselves accordingly. Each Residence Hall elects a Residence Hall Council at the start of the academic year. The Hall Council serves in an advisory role as an integral part of the Residence Hall operation. Council members must give leadership to fostering a healthy living environment and setting the image and spirit of the Residence Hall. The group supports programming efforts, gives input into rule changes and expresses the sentiments of hall residents. The Council leadership includes the office of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Floor Representatives.

Judiciary Board

Similarly to the Residence Hall Council, a Student Judiciary Board consisting of hall residents is established to hear non-serious infractions committed by their peers. Judiciary Board members hear the cases brought to them by the Residence Hall Manager.

The structure of the in-hall Judiciary Board consists of a prosecutor and defense team. The accused has the right to hear all charges and to present counter evidence to enlighten the hearing committee. The Residence Hall Judiciary Board can recommend to the Residence Hall Manager and the Dean, sanctions such as revoking visitation privileges, community service projects, etc. or they can recommend that the matter be handled by the University Judiciary for graver penalties. The Judiciary Board Leadership Council consists of Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Prosecutor, Public Defender, and Recording Secretary.

Roommate Contract

Students are required to complete the Roommate Contract to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings resulting from differences of opinion. Usually a change of room is not the first option. Students are encouraged to try to adjust to the new living situation by making a concerted effort to work towards a decent and fair living arrangement.

Residence Hall Activities

Each academic year, Residence Hall Staff sponsor a variety of “out-of-class” programs for residents. These include seminars, community service projects, discussion groups, and many more activities. All residents are encouraged to share their ideas and talents in developing hall programs. Do not be shy, get involved!

  • Residence Life Green Team
  • Haunted Hilltop
  • Homecoming Decoration
  • Project Give-Back
  • Ladies of the Quad (L.O.Q.)
  • Gentlemen of Drew (G.O.D.)

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