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RSVP Final Checklist

Room Selection and Verification Plan Checklist:


This process is for "Continuing Students" ONLY!!!


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Introduction to StarRez 


Instructions for creating your new "Housing Application" & selecting your housing assignment with "RSVP" through the StarRez system.


 If you do not set up your new "Housing Application" before March 2, 2018 can interfere with your ability to select an assignment on your selection date.


Step 1:


Click on the video below to review the steps to create your new “Housing Application.”







Step 2:


Immediately click on the link below to log in and create your new “Housing Application.” Remember you will not make your housing assignment until your actual date, and after your assigned time on that date.


StarRez Housing Application Link


Step 3:


Once your “Housing Application” is complete you will be notified of the time you will be able to make your actual housing selection. The current scheduled dates for actual housing selections are March 5th, 6th or 7th, 2018. You can confirm your selection date on the Bison Web. The final selection time will be e-mailed by March 4, 2018.





 The link below will allow you to view your selection Time based on your RSVP points.


RSVP Selection Date & Time Summary for Fall 2018






It is critical that on your date of selection that you do NOT log into your "Housing Application" until your assigned time.

You will not be able to view any available housing assignments until your assigned time but logging in prior will interfere with the overall process.



You will have two (2) Residence Halls to choose from for your housing selection:

College Hall South & Howard Plaza Towers

(East & West)


College Hall South


  • Double Shared Bathrooms


Howard Plaza Towers - West




Howard Plaza Towers - East




It is best if you know exactly which room number and room type you are interested prior to your selection. You will be able to utilize the “Room Swap” feature, but it will be based on availability.



Check List: 

  1. Click here and review the Fall 2018-2019 RSVP packet as soon as possible.  
  2. Submit the $200 Advanced Rent Payment (RSVP Deposit) before 3:00pm on February 9, 2018. Housing Deposit Payment instructions.(PDF)
  3. Verify your membership and submission of documents from student organizations of which you are member.
  4. Submit any employment or community service verification documents to my Residence Hall Manager (for students who reside in University Housing) or to the Office of Residence Life (for students who do NOT reside in University Housing) by 5:00pm on FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2018.
  5. Go online between FEBRUARY 26 and MARCH 2, 2018 to view RSVP point total and days for housing selection. Any changes in points must be completed by COB March 2, 2018.
  6. Make housing selection between MARCH 5 and MARCH 7, 2018.


How to Make the $200 Housing Deposit

  1. Login to Epay website (use Bison Web login)

  1. Click on “Deposits” in the top banner options
  2. Select the appropriate term from the drop-down menu (for example: Fall 2018)
  3. Click “Select”
  4. Select the deposit you wish to pay (for example: Housing Deposit)
  5. Click “Select”
  6. Confirm the amount to be paid
  7. Click “Continue”
  8. Select the payment method or add a new one to complete the transaction
  9. Click “select”
  10. Follow any additional instructions as needed
  11. Click “Continue”
  12. Submit via confirmation page

Print receipt for your records


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