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Student Housing Selections



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In the Office of Residence Life and University Housing, we have implemented a new housing reservation process utilizing the StarRez selection process. Not only is this system innovative, but also it serves as an assistive tool in your room and roommate selection.  Below are some detailed facts and informational guides for the proper use of the effective Housing system.


StarRez offers the most complete, easy-to-use, and fully integrated solution for student housing and accommodation providers both small and large. StarRez is a comprehensive student housing solution including: online housing applications, online roommate and room self-selection, roommate matching.


Student Housing Preferences:


StarRez is designed to allow you to pick and choose your exact housing preference. This innovative system provides the solution for residents core housing needs:

            Room Conditions

Online Room & Roommate Selection


StarRez provides a configurable and flexible solution to address unique housing rules and culture. From an all-women’s freshmen dormitory or a LGBTQ+ Gender Inclusive Housing option, to a large upperclassmen or graduate student property operations, StarRez provides integrated roommate matching, messaging, and selection solutions your residents expect and need.


StarRez Housing selection program operates as a comprehensive online solution for all-in-one Self-Service student housing needs. Individuals are empowered to make their own roommate and room selection decisions.

Students are provided the opportunity to take ownership of their roommate choices resulting in fewer room change requests, higher satisfaction and overall HU academic retention.



StarRez provides a comprehensive room and roommate selection solution without the need for complex integration or other external roommate matching tools. StarRez provides all the roommate selection tools you will need and the flexibility to evolve and adapt your processes in the future as your needs change. This self-help system gives students a percentage match with other students based upon their answers to profile questions.



This application allows for Students to remain better informed as to their living situation and know what to expect when they arrive.


Student and Staff Interaction


Concomitant to the utility of StarRez for student populations, StarRez allows administrators the accessibility to view and manage every aspect of student online roommate and room selection process. Housing directors are able to contact residents through this system; students are encouraged to sync their student email address, but in the event they do not, administrators have the accessibility to reach out to residents. Whether we have 100 beds or over 10,000, agility is critical and StarRez ensures that you can manage your entire accommodation portfolio.


StarRez Housing Application Link

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